Bridal Sessions: Why do one?

In the photography world, I am seeing an increased popularity in bridal sessions.  They seem to be more popular in other parts of the country (less so here in the Portland area).  But nevertheless, why would you have a bridal session?  I think there are multiple reasons.  Sometimes these sessions are booked before the wedding because the bride has a desire to get some amazing photographs of herself in her beautiful dress without the stress of her wedding day.  Shooting some photos before the wedding allows for a greater variety of bridal and/or couple shots, and ameliorates any photography constraints the couple may have on their wedding day due to time, location, or weather.  Other times, couples decide to not invest in a high-end photographer for their wedding day, and want some professional photos of the bride or the couple together after the fact.  And sometimes women just want to excuse to wear their wedding dress again and be glamorous for a photo shoot!

bridal sessions

But whatever the reason is… bridal sessions are a TON of fun.  Imagine getting your hair and make-up done, wearing your beautiful wedding gown, and going to some magical location for a photo shoot!  It makes me consider donning my OWN wedding gown for my 40th birthday (assuming that I meet my weight loss goals by then… LOL!).  If you’re interested in a bridal session, give me a call!  I’d love to chat with you!

bridal portraits

For this bridal session I want to give a shout out to a few vendors for their contributions:  Hair styled by Pure Elegence, make-up done by Badd Ass Makeup, and flowers provided by Kailla Platt Flowers.

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