Have Camera, Will Travel: Sacramento Mini-Sessions

Prior to my life here in beautiful Beaverton, Oregon I lived in Sacramento, California.  When I left Sacramento, one of the many things that made leaving hard, was moving away from my amazing clients.  Many of these families I had photographed maternity sessions and newborn sessions and family sessions.  I had watched their children grow up through my camera lens and they had become my friends.  After I got settled here in Beaverton and re-launched my business I had the sudden realization that those relationships didn’t have to end because I have AIRMILES!  And I had an abundance of places to stay in Sacramento for FREE!  So… earlier this year I booked a bunch of Sacramento mini-sessions and went down for a weekend and shot them all back-to-back.  It was SO much fun!  First I shot this amazing family at their home!  AND they even put me up for a night!  See what I mean… they are clients and friends…

Portrait Session

The following morning I went downtown and met up with this awesome mother and her two boys!  We shot around the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament and along K Street.  Her boys were seriously the sweetest most adorable dudes ever and she told me afterwards that her oldest cried when I left because he wanted to hang out with me longer.  Melt. My. Heart.  See what I mean?  My Sacramento clients are the best!

Family Session

Then I went and shot three more back-to-back sessions at the Sacramento Horseman’s Association.  I love shooting there because it is so picturesque with the barn and trails and golden evening light.  And I got to hang out with these amazing families… all three of which have twins!  It doesn’t get much better than that!!

Boy Girl TwinsTwin BoysIdentical Twins

I am heading back for some more Sacramento mini-sessions in September, as well as photographing a wedding with my awesome friend DeAnna Gallardo Photography.  Five more sessions and a wedding will prove to be an extremely busy weekend, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!  How fabulous that I get to hang out and take photos of all these amazing people and get paid for it!  Best. Job. Ever.

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