Exploring an old farm

I love old farms.  They just make such amazing backdrops for photos.  There’s something about the old structures and weathered wood that just draws me in.  So when I found out that a client of mine just happened to own an AMAZING old barn… I begged to shoot there.  They were more than accommodating, but warned me that the structure won’t be around forever, as the City of Beaverton is expanding and this beautiful, historical structure is going to be eventually taken down to make way for development.  It kind of made me sad… but I get it.  I understand that buildings can’t last forever.  But it was amazing to explore their property and see the old tractors and implements, and figure out how different areas were used for grain or sheep.  It is a piece of this family’s history that I know they treasure.  And I can’t thank them enough for sharing it with me!

And of course, every good old farm needs a barn cat!


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