Growing up with triplets

Being a photographer in beautiful Beaverton, OR is pretty fabulous.  But when we moved here I was really sad to leave all my Sacramento clients behind.  Thankfully I realized the beauty of air miles and the fact that I can travel back to Sacramento one or two times a year to shoot mini-sessions!  How lucky am I?  So when THIS family booked a spot in my last round of mini-sessions, I was just a little excited.  Besides the fact that they are friends I hadn’t seen in a while (which makes seeing them extra fun), this is the fourth session I have been able to shoot for them… the first one being when their triplets were just little babies!  These photos are from their first three sessions!

triplet boys

Now these little dudes are five years old and have started kindergarten!  I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again… these boys are SO sweet.  Seriously.  It’s particularly fun to see them each develop their own personalities and how their parents allow them to be their own individual person with their own personal style.  And they are so grown up now… chit chatting with me about school and the favorite things.  Check out what cute little dudes they are!

sacramento portraitstriplets

Perhaps one day I will get the privilege of shooting their senior portraits.  Wouldn’t THAT be a cool time lapse to witness!  I may be shooting from behind a walker… but I’ll still be shooting!  LOL!  Congratulations to this mom and dad for doing such an amazing job and surviving the infant and toddler years with triplets.  May you now reap some of the benefits of having three kids the same age… like only dealing with ONE set of homework!  LOL!

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