In-home family session in Portland

I love living in the Portland area.  The city is beautiful and there’s so much to do.  The weather is not as bad as people think (read: it’s better than Seattle), BUT in the winter the rain can be difficult to plan around.  When this family contacted me we originally had planned to shoot at a tree farm, which is a fabulous idea.  Except that the weather just would not cooperate.  So at the last minute we decided to shoot at their home.  I love shooting in-home family sessions… especially when they have a little one.  In a home, you don’t have to worry about kids getting muddy or grumpy due to being cold.  And it helps that these folks had a SUPER cute place and that they were totally easy going about me barging in with all my gear and rearranging their furniture.  Consider that a warning to future clients… I like to rearrange furniture to meet my needs for light.  That couch in the photo was NOT there when I first arrived.  Tee hee hee…

In-home familiy session

Seriously… can that kid’s curls be any cuter?  I swooned when I saw that little blond head of curls.  After shooting in their TV room we moved to the master bedroom.  I love shooting on big beds because there’s nothing cuter than a family all cuddled up together.  And do you see that adorable pillow with the couple on it?  It’s from their wedding, so how perfect is it to get that in their photos?

family on bed

Then we tried to capitalize on the break in the rain by grabbing some photos in their backyard.  It was short lived and about 5 minutes later the skies opened up and the rain came down.  But we got a few shots in.

backyard portraits

So this should be argument enough that you should consider an in-home family session during those bleak winter months.  There’s something special about a family being in their own “space”… the same place that you create all those family memories.  Are you worried about your home being too dark inside?  Don’t be.  I have lights that can brighten things up.  All the indoor photos here were created with supplemental flash and a reflector.  So don’t feel like you have to wait for the sunny months to book your next family session!

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