Newborn Triplets… Plus Big Sister!

I was very excited to have the opportunity to photograph a set of newborn triplets this month. “Newborn” may be a misnomer… as usually I try and photograph babies when they’re less than 12 days old.  But these sweet little beans had to spend a couple of months in the NICU before getting to come home.  Amazingly enough, they were still younger than their 40 week due date which is in a couple of weeks!  Needless to say, this set of identical twin boys and a sweet little girl slept amazingly for me and were as good as gold!


I was also very excited that their mother agreed to have her hair and make-up done by the amazing Nicole of Powder Inc.  Moms are often shy about getting into photos with their new babies because they are unhappy with how they look so soon after giving birth.  But a good hair and make-up artist can even make a tired new triplet mother look fresh and awake!  Here she is with each of her new babies, looking better than I do EVER!


And of course I can’t forget their big sister… who is probably one of the most proud siblings I’ve ever seen.  She was pretty tickled with these three beautiful babies.  So of course she had to get in front of the camera… with all of them and with just her little sister.  And we had to make sure and get some shots with Dad and his identical twin sons!


The best part was seeing the amazing community that has gathered around this family to support them as they transition into being a family of six.  While I was there, there was probably eight different people that came by to squeeze them, drop off food, or help feed babies.  It was really special, and it brought me back to the days when our twins arrived and our friends and family were such a vital support system!  It’s because of the support net that I know this family is going to transition into “triplet life” with relative ease!

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