Photographing Extended Families in Beaverton

My last three portrait sessions have been photographing extended families here in Beaverton.  Shooting these large family groups is a LOT of work because there are usually a bushel of children.  But I know that for all the work I put into these photos, my clients put in an equal amount.  I know this because we just had MY extended family photographed this spring.  And I have experienced first hand how difficult it is to coordinate a time, a place, and a wardrobe for a large group.  But because it’s such a big ordeal, I really feel the value in these images… because getting everyone together for photos is not something that will happen easily or regularly.  And this family was no exception.

photographing extended families

This particular session was photographed at Jenkins Estate here in Beaverton, Oregon.  It was a great location for a large family group because it was spacious and safe.  We weren’t by any roads or traffic or water… which is an important consideration when you have a ton of small children that may want to explore when parents and photographers are distracted and not watching closely.

Beaverton Photographer

Clients also should consider that while photographing an extended family, their are a LOT of shots to get.  Usually a photographer will try and capture the large group, all the kids, individual family groups, individual kids, each couple, etc.  So you will need to understand that might mean you will only get two or three images of your individual family to choose from… which is way less then a session for immediate family only.


Lastly, be ready to be patient while photographing extended families.  That means you should probably bring snacks and toys to distract the kids with.  There will be big chunks of time that you won’t be in front of the camera and will be waiting around.  This family gets a huge “high five” for their patience, for not only did they wait patiently while I was shooting, but they also had to wait while I ran back to my car for my back-up camera after the mirror on my main camera FELL OFF!  Yup… it might be time for me to start saving up for a new camera body.

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