Portrait of a Mother

As another Mother’s Day marches forward, I can’t help but reflect on the portrait of a mother.  I have a mom and I am mom.  But I have also developed a sense of motherhood by all the amazing mothers I have photographed over the years.  I can honestly say that all but ONE of the sessions that I have booked and photographed have been initiated by a mom (a special shout out goes to Dan B. for being so completely awesome that he organized a portrait session for his family).  And with every mom I have interacted with, the portrait of a mother always looks different.  Motherhood spans cultures, parenting styles, socioeconomic class, age, and marital status.  The only commonality is the deep and unending love a woman has for her child, born or unborn.

Portrait of a Mother

Some moms are full of energy and are constantly running with her kids, engaging them, and playing with them.  Their relationship might be captured in a portrait like this… complete and total joy!

Energetic Mom

Some moms are a calm solid foundation for their child… a safe place for them to land.  Their portrait might look more like this.

Safe Place

There’s those moms that are just beginning their journey with their children… whether it’s their first baby or in this case, their fourth and fifth!  Those first days are so special… getting to know each other and falling in love even more!

New babies

And there are those moms that have completed their job raising confident children that are now parents of their own.  What a gift to be able to sit back, look at your children, and know that you did the best job you were able to do!

2014-05-09_0004So many mothers didn’t give birth to their children.  There are those that have become mothers through adoption or surrogacy!  And there are those that are raising their grandchildren, or nieces and nephews!  I hope those children always know how their moms invested an abundance of time and money and love to choose them!


And on Mother’s Day it is important to remember those that have either lost their mothers or lost a child.  This day can be so painful for those that just long to hold their loved one just one more time.  Today my heart goes out to these young boys that lost their mom too young.

MomSo whether you have been blessed with one, two or twelve kids, thank you for the sacrifices you make for your children.  For the sleepless nights and the tears, the fact that you bought clothes for them but not for yourself, the fact that the shelves that once help your treasures now hold theirs, and the fact that every night you look into their eyes and are absolutely overwhelmed with love for them… Happy Mother’s Day.  And thank you to the amazing little people who gave ME the gift of motherhood.

Me and my monkeys

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