Product Photography: what is your brand message?

When I am photographing a product for a company, it is very important to understand what their brand message is.  What do you want your product photography to say about that item?  I bought some macarons from La Provence here in Portland to highlight what I’m talking about.  I photographed those macarons in several different ways, and each photo tells a different story.  But let’s be honest… I was just really craving macarons.  Nom nom nom…

Sometimes a company will want to highlight how their product is made.  Perhaps it is made with wholesome ingredients, which is what the photo below highlights.  Or maybe your product is environmentally friendly.  Or perhaps it is hand-crafted by a local artisan.


Sometimes a company will want to highlight how a product is used.  Can you get your potential clients to envision themselves using your product with one photo?  Well, when I think of macarons, I think of curling up with a book and a cup of coffee and enjoying my treat in peace (read: kid free).  That’s the story told by the next two photos.

product photographymacarons and coffeePerhaps your brand message is that your product is unique or high-end or marketed to a creative individual.  Maybe bright colors and eye-catching design best tells the story of your product.

macaronslevitating objects

The most important part of product photography is that you tell the story of your brand.  Your story and your company is unique and your photography should reflect that.

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